Citrine Estates

Project description: Construction of 11 luxurious high-end villas and 7 apartment buildings consisting of 35 one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with a covered gross floor area of over 5,500m2, along with the associated external works. The external works include private roads with the associated external services such as surface drainage, drainage, electricity & lighting, telephone, water supply and irrigation, construction of sidewalks and swimming pools.

Developed on a plot of around 90,000m2 near the casino-resort City of Dreams Mediterranean, Citrine Estates promises to be a key international destination for luxury living and hotspot for real estate investors. Investors will not only acquire prime real estate, but they also will also acquire unrivalled access to holistic living that delicately combines natural beauty and luxury lifestyle. The project is located amid the majestic Akrotiri Peninsula, allowing residents to revel in the tranquillity of nature while surrounded by the abundant birdlife, fragrant orange groves and wild eucalyptus trees that characterize its unique landscape. At the same time, the project’s proximity to the city offers easy access to the rich and multicultural lifestyle that has made Limassol the cosmopolitan capital of Cyprus.