Panayiotis Toumazis

Panayiotis Toumazis

Panayiotis achieved his MSc in Civil Engineering from the National "Metsovio" Polytechnic University of Athens and played a key role in the development of Cyprus's construction industry.


As one of the founders of the Architects' and Civil Engineers' Association of Cyprus, Panayiotis was a leading and respected member of the group, and was ultimately elected President of the Association's Council.


His contribution to the society and country also include his service as Minister of Agriculture and a member of the House of Representatives for many years.

Tonis P. Toumazis

Tonis P. ToumazisTonis studied Civil Engineering gaining a BSc from University College London and an MSc in Structural Engineering from Imperial College of Science and Technology and D.I.C. (Diploma of Imperial College). Further to that, he acquired an M.A. in Advanced Architectural Studies at the "Bartlett School of Architecture" of the University of London. He also lectured first year students of Civil Engineering of University College London (1976 - 1977).


After his studies, Tonis worked as an engineer of offshore oil platform design at Mathew Hall Engineering, where he was engaged in the offshore division on a major conversion project to convert a semi-submersible drilling rig to a production platform of the Buchan Oil Field. He had the role of Assistant to the chief engineer for weight control, stability, structural analysis and design for clients such as BP Petroleum Development Ltd. Following that, he went on to work at Lloyds Register of Shipping, where he worked as a structural engineer. He was monitoring structural aspects of design standards relating to Offshore Engineering for clients such as, Conoco, British Gas, Amoco, Union Oil .